The Main Features Of A Portable Evaporative Water Cooler

Evaporative coolers are also known as swamp cooler, desert cooler, wet cooler and swamp cooler. They cool air by the evaporation water.

1) Control Panel & Remote Control:

– Timer:

Many air coolers are equipped with a clock that helps you set a sleep time. This feature is great if you don’t want the cooler working all night.

-Remote control

All modern air coolers feature a remote to allow you to control the various modes from your home.

2) Cooling Cushions

The design aspects of these coolers and the humidity levels in the air will affect their efficiency.

Aspen Coolingpads are usually more affordable and simpler to replace. These pads are biodegradable more effectively than synthetic but last longer.

Cellulose pads are also known by the name honeycomb cooling pads. These pads resemble honeycombs as they are named. These are thicker than Aspen Pads. They require little maintenance and have longer durability. These pads are more cost-effective, even though they can be a bit more expensive. They should not be less than 90 mm thick, as they can provide better cooling.

3) Water Tank

– Hose Connector

Some units are equipped with a garden connector, also known to be an Automatic Water-level Controller. This connector allows for the attachment of a standard garden hose. This will ensure a steady and continuous supply of water to your cooler. This will eliminate the need to pour water manually into the reservoir.

4) Airflow

The CMH (m3/h), also known as the cubic meters per hour, is used to measure air cooler airflow. CMH (cubic meters per hour) is an indicator of how much air flows into your local area every hour. It can be used to calculate the CMH(m3/h), required for your location.

The evaporative cooling fan is used to generate airflow. Fans are capable of creating airflow at low pressures but in large quantities; they are most commonly used in large air coolers. Blowers, however, can produce high-pressure airflow at high volumes. They are commonly used to cool smaller models. You must choose evaporative coolers with multiple speed settings. It controls the airflow, which is one way to adjust the temperature. Most portable coolers include a regulator with at least three speeds. Apart from being important for swamp cooler, automatic louver movement can also ensure airflow in all directions.

  • Fans VS Blowers

Both fan and blower serve the purpose of circulating and supplying air. But they are technically quite different. The air circulated by a blower and fan is a big difference.

A fan is an electronic device that moves air.

The cooling of industries is generally provided by fans and blowers. Both are also used in many electrical appliances, including air conditioners, fans, and microwaves. Both can produce air depending upon the pressure.

5) Ice Compartments

Many manufacturers have special features such as ice gel packs, ice compartments, and other devices that produce cold air. It is possible to add ice to compartments when temperatures are very high. The coolness will be determined by the ambient temperature and humidity. A large amount of ice could slow down the process. This can affect the efficiency and performance of the air conditioner.