The Best Frames for oil painting Artwork


Selecting Wooden or Metal Frames For Embellishing Your Selected Artwork

Framing the piece of painting that you might have recently bought or planning to buy should not be considered lightly. The frame not only should be good and complement your artwork, but it also has to hold your artwork in place effectively.

Selecting an oil painting

Framing an oil painting from a renowned artist that you have an eye on makes it more necessary to choose the right material. Paintings by Lana Zueva are exquisite collections that would make anybody fall in love with them at the first glance. Currently living in Australia, Lana Zueva had a zeal for oil painting right from her childhood.

She found oil paint to be her medium that offered her the necessary depth of experimenting with different colours in many of her works. Lana has been painting landscapes, portraits, flora, animals, still life, and landscapes. Her paintings depict realistic pictures with no filters. She has participated in many exhibitions, and painting shows and also won an award for her portrait “Sunny Bunny” at the Gold Coast Show 2021.

If you wish to buy any of her paintings, choose a wooden or metal frame for embellishing her work on your wall space.

Wooden frames

There are three different kinds of wood that are mostly used for framing a painting.

1) Solid or Natural wood: This is the most expensive option.

  • It needs high maintenance
  • Natural wood can warp and contract in heat and humidity
  • It is susceptible to pest infestation

2) MDF or Medium Density Fibreboard: This is a recycled wood material made of sawdust, compressed with a binder, and wrapped for a good finish.

  • It is cost-effective and available easily
  • It is quite durable and needs less maintenance
  • Its consistency makes it a good choice
  • It is less likely to contract and warp in extreme humidity

3) Finger-Jointed Poplar: This is a recycled wooden material that is created by joining solid wood pieces and is further covered with good-quality laminate.

  • Finger-jointed is closer to wood than MDF
  • Turns out to be a better ecological choice as it is made from recycled material.

Metal frames for paintings

Metal is another common material used for framing paintings with some being more expensive than others but varying in aesthetic appeal.

1) Silver: This is an expensive choice and not advised for casual framing. A small frame of 5 inches x 7 inches would cost more than 100 dollars.

2) Bronze:  This is an alloy of copper and tin but the only disadvantage is that it tends to oxidise creating a green outer layer. Hence, it needs good maintenance like solid wood.

3) Aluminium: This is the most preferred choice for framing paintings.

  • It is more affordable as it is available in abundance
  • It is lightweight so preferred for framing even huge paintings
  • It is resistant to corrosion so needs minimal maintenance with just occasional dusting
  • Since the frames are anodized, it makes them attractive and durable, making for a better display.

The best option for casual framing should be cost-effective and one that needs less maintenance. However, choosing a frame for your painting depends on your aesthetic preference.