Website Uptime Monitoring And Its Significance To Every Business

web monitoring

In this digital era, it is essential to have an active business website. For the business website to perform well around the clock, uptime monitoring is necessary. The website uptime monitoring process involves keeping an eye on the website constantly to ensure it runs smoothly. If the site hits downtime then the uptime monitoring tool issues an alert. The downtime can be due to multiple reasons ranging from hosting dilemmas to natural disasters. 

Uptime monitoring involves keeping track of the site’s downtime. It keeps checking to ensure that the website is available 24/7/36. Downtime monitoring analyzes how much time the site failed to perform in serving web pages, perform search queries, accept incoming messages, etc. 

Significance of uptime monitoring

Your business can demonstrate website reliability to potential customers. It means, that if your website performs well round the clock, it can depend on.

When your site struggles with downtime then customers will be unable to reach you. For example, you may have heard the news about how trading platform downtimes had made investors lose plenty of money and opportunities. Uptime monitoring solutions in comparison to traditional onsite maintenance will reduce the costs significantly. Large organizations have a specialized team that handles the IT infrastructure but a glitch in the system puts a halt to productivity and the company loses money. 

Uptime monitoring tool works consistently to ensure that the availability of your website on the internet is 24/7. If an issue is detected, a text message or email notification is sent about the downtime of your website. You can instantly take action and get your site running ASAP. 

Benefits of website uptime monitoring

Avoid loss of revenue

During downtime, the chances that a potential customer visits your competitor increases. So, you lose a quality lead, conversion opportunity, and revenue. To avoid revenue loss due to downtime, an uptime monitoring tool helps to keep check of your website available on the internet. Downtime alerts make your move fast and get your website running.

Google’s home page went offline for just five minutes and they suffered a loss of ½ million dollars in ad revenue

Keep website audience happy

A website with unreliable availability, poor performance, or working incorrectly is disliked. Even loyal customers will slowly move to your competitor and if the experience is reliable you will lose them. If the downtime is during peak hours then the abandonment of your visitors will count to millions. 

Loss of reputation

Peak time downtime can cost your online reputation. Website outage affects how visitors feel about your brand. It damages users’ confidence and impacts your products or services’ credibility. If the user posts their thoughts on Twitter then it can cause more reputation damage. 

The uptime monitoring tool allows transparency. Users can check your website status, which is essential for mitigating the outage situation. 

SEO and ranking

Google understands that it is impossible to avoid downtime but lengthy and frequent outages can cost your SEO efforts. Monitoring allows staying aware of website outages, even the small ones which would otherwise go undetected but the search bots would notice. 

Early detection and quick fixes allow protecting search ranking and loss of revenue!